39: Music Stirs the Soul

Today’s episode features Andrew Smith, Choral Director at ECS. Listen as he and Dr. Peterson discuss music and its value in both education and at home. Also, be sure to attend the upcoming Christmas music concert at ECS on December 1 at 6 pm.

38: Alumni Spotlight - Barrett Jones

Dr. Dan Peterson is joined by ECS alum Barrett Jones. Barrett played football at the University of Alabama, winning three National Championships, and then went on to play for several teams in the NFL. Listen as they discuss his career and what made ECS so influential to him.

37: Why ECS?

This week Dr. Dan Peterson is joined by Cathy Boyd and Robyn Clay, the admissions team at ECS. Cathy is the Director of Admissions and Robyn is the Admissions Associate. Listen as they discuss what makes ECS special and why you should consider ECS for your students.

36: Annual Fund - Week of Giving

Dr. Dan Peterson is joined by special guests to talk about the Annual Fund and the Week of Giving. Guests include:

  • Sam Kelly - Director of Advancement
  • Sandra and Buzz Fly - ECS Alumni, Parents of ECS Alumni, Former Board Member
  • Mindy and Charles Ricketts - ECS Alumnus, ECS Parents, Current Board Member

31: Athletic Discipleship

Dr. Dan Peterson speaks with some of the athletic coaches at ECS about why we do athletics and how it can be a discipleship tool.

Tommy Danner - Athletic Director, Volleyball Coach

Alan Durham - Head Football Coach

Dee Baker - Cross Country Coach

Preston Bryant - Golf Coach

Jordan Thompson - Ladies/Men's Soccer Coach

30: Preparing for Pornography

Dr. Dan Peterson welcomes back Brian Housman for an important conversation about preparing for pornography. Brian is the Executive Director of 360 Family, author of several books including Tech Savvy Parenting, and an ECS father. Listen as Dr. Peterson and Brian speak about the issues being faced by our children and what parents can do to prepare for and react to these issues.

29: Principal's Principles

Dr. Dan Peterson is joined by Paula Cowart, principal of the ECS Lower School campus. Listen as they discuss Paula's time at ECS, her vision for the Lower School, and the transition from two separate campuses to one consolidated campus.

25: Brain Research and Motivation

Dr. Dan Peterson speaks with Hunter Threadgill, an ECS alum from 2010. Hunter is currently getting his PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Alabama. Listen as he and Dr. Peterson speak about brain research and motivation.

24: Celebrating Fatherhood

Father's Day is just days away! Today's episode is a special conversation between Dr. Peterson and Braxton and Preston Brady about Fatherhood. Braxton is on staff at Harvest Church, teaches at Presbyterian Day School, is the Chaplain for the University of Memphis football team, and is the author of Flight Plan, a practical resource for parents and teachers offering a vision of manhood. Listen as he and his son Preston talk about their experiences and offer advice for fathers and sons that are listening!

Check out Flight Plan on Amazon!

23: A Closer Look at the Podcast Interns

We launched Equip in February of 2016. Since then, we've recorded over twenty episodes featuring some very special guests covering exciting and useful topics. Since the planning stages for Equip, we have had three interns helping prepare for and assist in the recording of each episode. Joshua Lord, Matt McCalla, and John Thornton join Dr. Dan Peterson today to discuss their time as our interns and what it has been like to help launch this new initiative at ECS.