25: Brain Research and Motivation

Dr. Dan Peterson speaks with Hunter Threadgill, an ECS alum from 2010. Hunter is currently getting his PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Alabama. Listen as he and Dr. Peterson speak about brain research and motivation.

24: Celebrating Fatherhood

Father's Day is just days away! Today's episode is a special conversation between Dr. Peterson and Braxton and Preston Brady about Fatherhood. Braxton is on staff at Harvest Church, teaches at Presbyterian Day School, is the Chaplain for the University of Memphis football team, and is the author of Flight Plan, a practical resource for parents and teachers offering a vision of manhood. Listen as he and his son Preston talk about their experiences and offer advice for fathers and sons that are listening!

Check out Flight Plan on Amazon!

23: A Closer Look at the Podcast Interns

We launched Equip in February of 2016. Since then, we've recorded over twenty episodes featuring some very special guests covering exciting and useful topics. Since the planning stages for Equip, we have had three interns helping prepare for and assist in the recording of each episode. Joshua Lord, Matt McCalla, and John Thornton join Dr. Dan Peterson today to discuss their time as our interns and what it has been like to help launch this new initiative at ECS.

19: 12 and 13 Year Journey

Update: A previous version of this episode only contained the first five minutes of the audio. This has been fixed.

Dr. Dan Peterson speaks with Grayson Hill and his parents Jamie and Julie, and with Georgia Peeler and her parents Huff and Janie. These students have been with ECS for 12 or 13 years. Listen as we hear what drove their parents to ECS, what the students find special about ECS, and more.

18: Celebrating Motherhood

Dr. Dan Peterson is joined by Dawn Shute, Teacher and Chair of the Foreign Language Department at ECS, and her daughter Christina. This week's episode is all about celebrating mothers! Listen as Dawn and Christina give their insights on motherhood from the perspective of both mother and daughter.

17: Alert! Drugs and Our Adolescents

Dr. Dan Peterson is joined by Dr. Summer Regal, a professional pharmacist and parent to three ECS students. Today they tackle some big questions about adolescent drug usage occurring in our city. Listen as they discuss the problem, how parents can react and teach their kids, and how this applies to us as image bearers of Christ.

Dr. Peterson and Dr. Regal reference the following resources during today's episode:



16: K-12 Discipleship Through Sports

This week, Dr. Dan Peterson is joined for a roundtable discussion with multiple ECS coaches about K-12 discipleship through sports. His guests this week are Rusty Clayton, Kim Maxwell, Janie Peeler, Justin Payne, Jordan Thompson, and Duke Williams.

15: Apologia of Graduation

Dr. Dan Peterson welcomes back guest Mark Brink for a talk about an apologia of graduation. Their discussion topics include the history of commencement ceremonies at ECS, the mission of ECS, and components of an ECS graduation ceremony.

13: Speaking with an E.C.S. Legend

Dr. Dan Peterson is joined by E.C.S. legend Carolyn Montfort. Carolyn has be an integral part of the E.C.S. family for thirty six years. Listen as she and Dr. Peterson discuss alumni, admissions, clown parades, and what makes E.C.S. special.

12: Academics in Life

Dr. Dan Peterson is joined by Coach Dee Baker and the Knowledge Bowl team to discuss the role academics plays in their lives.

The Knowledge Bowl team:

  • Michael Agapos
  • David Boyd
  • Caleb Durham
  • Jacob Ginn
  • Margaret Stevens

9: Social Media - Redeem or Reject

This week's episode is the first of a two part series on social media featuring author and E.C.S. parent Brian Housman. The focus of part one is whether Christian parents and educators should redeem or reject social media. Listen as Dr. Peterson and Brian Housman discuss this extremely important topic, and don't forget to check back next week for part two!

Below are links to works authored by Brian Housman:

Tech Savvy Parenting

How You Always Meant to Parent

Raising Responsible Teens in a Digital World

Engaging Your Teen's World